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Monograph Series

The Division 56 "Concise Guides on Trauma Care" Series, published by APA Books, provides compact, translational books to connect the best of empirical research with the real-world issues faced by clients and mental health professionals. The Series brings together leaders from the trauma field as authors and editorial board members. The Editorial Board includes: Ann Chu (Series Co-Editor), Anne DePrince (Series Co-Editor), Joan Cook, Catherine Classen, Lisa DeMarni Cromer, Amber Douglas, Kathy Kendall-Tackett, Sandra Mattar, and David Wolfe.


The Division's Journal, Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, publishes empirical research on the psychological effects of trauma. The journal is intended to be a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion on trauma, blending science, theory, practice, and policy. In the interest of knowledge translation,

Dr. Paul Frewen, one of the journal's associate editors, and his students at Western University, have been summarizing many of the articles published in the journal year by year in the form of brief (5 minute) videos; these videos are freely available online.


The Trauma Psychology Newsletter is published three times yearly, and is actively soliciting contributions from Division 56 members, including ECPs and students. The newsletter provides members up to date information from various committees, as well as upcoming division events and supported projects.