Trauma Psychology News

Summer 2022 | Vol. 17, Issue 2


Cover art: Summer of Resistance, by Alan Entin

4 | Editorial Note

6 | President’s Column

10 | Feature: Moving Beyond Gender-Based Discrimination & Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan

16 | Who’s Who: Irit Felsen, PhD

20 | Military & Veterans: Engaging Veteran Communities To Create A PTSD-Related Research Agenda Informed By COVID-19

24 | Multicultural & Diversity: Current Rise In Anti-Trans/LGBTQ+ Legislation

28 | Trauma & Health: Integration of Mental Health Services in Trauma Centers For Traumatically Injured Patients

32 | Students: A Call To Explore “Thrivership” Among Latina Survivors Of Intimate Partner Violence From An Intersectional Lens

36 | Emerging Career: Addressing Sexual Trauma Through Systemic Approaches

40 | Fellows: The Psychological Effects of The Guatemalan Civil War

46 | Book Reviews: Treating complex traumatic stress disorder in adults (2nd e.d); Trauma and expressive arts therapy: Brain, body, & imagination in the healing process

52 | End Matter

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