Psychopathology Following Traumatic Injury

October 23, 2023

Logan Pearson, Terri deRoon-Cassini, Mary E “Libby” Schroeder, & Daniel N. HolenaSection Editor: Sydney Timmer-Murillo In the high-stakes environment of trauma care, the immediate treatment priorities must focus primarily on stabilizing physical injury. This often relegates concern for mental health to the backseat, where it unfortunately remains for much of the early period post-trauma. Despite…


Exploring the Wellness of Black Women Who Describe a Criterion A Trauma in their Life Story

June 21, 2023

Jessica Krukowski, Ed St. Aubin, & Karen RobinsonSection Editor: Sydney Timmer-Murillo Black women live in an intersection between two marginalized identities: their Blackness and their womanhood (King, 2019). Oftentimes the challenges Black men and boys face become synonymous with the entire Black experience (Patton et al., 2016). As a result, solidarity becomes asymmetrical, and the…


Feasibility & Efficacy of Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention for U.S. Veterans

March 20, 2023

Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald, Kaley Davis, Meghan Bennett, & Rachel Bollaert Section Editor: Sydney Timmer-Murillo Burden of Physical Health Comorbidities in the U.S. Veteran Population Research on the efficacy of yoga to treat physical and mental health disorders is on the rise, although, to our knowledge, no review has yet summarized the effects of yoga in…